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  1. As a productivity geek, I loved and enjoyed reading your awesome blog post Christina. I consume a lot of content on productivity and this is most definitely one of the best blog posts I have read recently. You touched upon a brilliant point that is indeed neglected a lot by many people when making a to-do list, which is ironically enough usually the root cause of their frustration when dealing with a busy schedule. Using time-estimates and keeping track of time when working on even the smallest task is a great idea to maximize our use of time as well as efficiency. Thank you for sharing this brilliant blog post and reminding the value of using time-estimates when making a to-do list. I look forward to reading your next blog posts on productivity.

  2. Hello.
    Today, I searched on Google: “todo list with time estimation and time tracking” in English.
    Because I always asked and found almost nothing. (Only Toodledo met this need, but I felt the limits to his scheduling ability, so I was traveling to find a system, in an unfamiliar English)

    … And I am here!
    I thank you for your efforts!
    I am looking forward to try this system from now on.
    Thank you! Thank you very much!

    I am not an English speaker (I ‘m Japanese). English is difficult for me.
    I expect accurate Google Translation.

    • Hi Shun! So so happy you finally found an app with time estimation and time tracking! 🙂 Amazing Marvin is still early and we have many plans to improve these two features and many more. Write us if you have any wishes! We love adding ideas from our users.

      PS: The English translation worked very well!

  3. Great article. I’m new to all this and not a productivity geek at all! In fact I’m a complete beginner. I’m excited to start and time estimates look like a good place to start along with a list! Amazing Marvin trial to start soon, once I’ve read enough to get the most out of it.

    • Hey Lisa! Glad you liked the article. And yes, time estimates with a list is a great place to start! 🙂 One of the biggest problems is overscheduling your day and then feeling really bad for not getting enough done. And time estimates really help with that. So it prevents a negative spiral of feeling unproductive (when in fact our list was just unrealistic) and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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